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The team here at Fluxe truly believes that the trends of yesterday form the lifestyles of today. Fluxe Record Players and Vinyl Accessories offers a wide variety of products that showcase the retro/vintage style that we all love. The record store is constantly being updated to ensure that we are always providing the latest vinyl, record players, and record accessories for all of our customers to check out. For instance, Fluxe offers many items from awesome record players, classic vinyl, and neato storage bins to hold all of your vinyl. Fluxe strives daily to provide our customers with quality products.

Thank you for choosing to stop by Fluxe, we hope that you’ve found something that will add a touch of retro style to your everyday life. Our goal is to provide products that everyone can enjoy. We add a touch of our style and interest into our selection as well, so we are always looking for more feedback from our customers regarding the records and record players we have available in our shop. If there is something you are looking for that we do not carry, please be sure to let us know! Wishing you happy shopping from the team here at Fluxe!


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